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The Patient/Practitioner Relationship

This course delves deeply into the axis formed by the patient and the practitioner.
We investigate the nature and character of this axis and of the positions that form and define it as they appear in classical texts and associated traditions of knowledge and practice.

Patient and practitioner are each an aggregate of qi guided by a vital spirit. The interaction between both depends not only on what they know and want to do or to be, but also on what they are in their inner reality. We explore the consequences of that in diagnostic, treatment, ethic behavior, self cultivation…. including a reflection on emotions, Heart, Intent and Will, inner dispositions and Spirit.

We journey into this terrain of heart-to-heart dynamics that exist at the root of Chinese medicine. The lecture is based on classical Chinese texts, mainly from the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing) and also from Sun Simiao.

A selection of translated texts will be given to the students.

What is Qi – The Various Expressions of Qi in the Body

An understanding of qi is central to Chinese philosophy, art, medicine and movement therapies, nevertheless qi is a concept ever-present in the medical texts, but elusive. We often rely on vague terminology, using the catch-phrase ‘energy’ to explain what qi is. This workshop will start by exploring the origin and development of the idea of qi through classical texts preceding the formation of the medical theory, in order to provide context and depth to our understanding of qi.

Then the workshop will address how the vision and meaning of qi developed in medical texts according the specific needs of this science, and show how the various expression of qi (original, correct, perverse, defensive, nutritive …) inside the human body built life at the image of the cosmic life. This will include a study of the main Chinese characters involved.

Translations from some Chinese texts will be given.

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