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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee
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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, distinguished writer, lecturer, and scholar of Chinese classical literature. Read more about her at www.elisabeth-rochat.com

A Study of Yang Luo Points

Recorded April 15, 2016
This lecture looks at the luo points belonging to the yang meridians: Col 6 (Pianli), St 40 (Fenglong), S.I. 7 (Zhizheng), Bl.58 (Feiyang), T.H.5 (Waiguan), G.B.37 (Guangming). These points are all important and frequently used. They are located among the powerfull points related to the five elements (wu shu), in the last segment of the four limbs and extend their effects far away inside the trunk or the head. Blending the rich poetic quality of the point names with their practical application, this lecture presents an in-depth study of points from research into both the classical and modern Chinese literature.


A Study of Yang Luo Points + Five Aspects of Spirit- Three days – $230
The Six Extraordinary Fu- Two days – $250

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