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Create and Explore the Five Elements within Yourself

CSOE all give the same message and are produced by the directional energetics of each element. As practitioners we need to develop the four examination skills (to see, hear, palpate and inquire) in order to both assess the health or distress of each of the five elements and to evaluate the effects of ongoing treatment. This workshop provides a rare opportunity to compare and contrast a width of CSOE and to receive extensive tutor feedback.

  • Spend Time with Color: Look at groups of faces for each color (noting the similarities and differences).
  • Spend Time with Sound: Move to the energetic rhythms of the Five Elements! Listen to recorded and live voices to bring out the five sounds. Learn how to work with your own voice to convey the five sounds to patients.
  • Spend Time with Odor: In specially created tents, experience and recognize the environment of the odors.
  • Spend Time with Emotion: Create the healthy five wills of life (emotions) inside yourself in a safe environment.

Learn easily to invite your patients into each emotional atmosphere, to enhance your diagnosis and your subsequent interactions. To register over the phone, please call 352.335.2332. To register online, click the button below.

Students & Faculty $340
New grads (Class 32): $380
Everyone else: $420

Online Registration