Eight Extraordinary Meridians with Elisabeth Rochat

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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, distinguished writer, lecturer, and scholar of Chinese classical literature.

No study of Chinese medicine is complete without an understanding of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, unique in their primary function as the source-spring of regulatory power for blood and qi in the human body.

In a human, the first manifestation of Heavenly Yang (Dumai or Governor Vessel) and Earthly Yin (Renmai or Conception Vessel) allows a powerful fusion, creating the surge of life (Chongmai); this effervescence is controlled, as if girdled (Daimai) to enclose a vital space.

Two couples will come to regulate the relationship of yin/yang, blood-and-qi in an intra-systemic (Qiaomai) and inter-systemic (Weimai) perspective. Each of the extraordinary meridians will be studied and the philosophical statement behind the extraordinary meridians will be explored. Our knowledge can be deepened and enriched by this detailed presentation of the major classical texts. CEUs available for licensed FL practitioners. 15 PDAs available.


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