Upper Kidney Points with Elisabeth Rochat

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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, distinguished writer, lecturer, and scholar of Chinese classical literature.

This lecture examines the upper points on the Kidney meridian as presented in the medical classical texts and presents each of these points, through its name, meridian, specific profile, and inter-connections, etc.

We will study the Chinese names of points, using the Chinese characters to reach a deeper understanding of the point’s function within the energetic framework of the body. Blending the rich poetic quality of the point names with their practical application, it presents an in-depth study of points from research into both classical and modern Chinese literature. We will cover for each point a description in the medical texts (Jiayijing and Neijing in particular), classical use of the point names, relationship with other points, therapeutic indications and common combinations given in some Classics.

Please note that this seminar is not designed to be an all-encompassing presentation of the upper Kidney points and is not meant to replace the knowledge that any practitioner has from their teachers and their tradition, as well as from their personal clinical experience. Rather, this course aims to provide an insight into the Chinese classics, providing complementary information that allows for a widening of the clinical use and a deeper understanding of point functions. The richness of Chinese medicine is not limited to its own literature in Chinese, but also benefits from the important contributions of Western masters and Western studies. This course is available for 7 FL CEUs or 7 NCCAOM PDAs.

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