Healing Community Trauma: How to Do Acupuncture in the Field for Traumatic Events

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15 PDA/CEU training (CA* Category 1, FL, TX, NCCAOM)
4.5 PDAs/CEUs in Safety and Ethics plus
10.5 PDAs/CEUs AOM/Bio

This entertaining and highly experiential 2-day training prepares acupuncturists to provide trauma relief and recovery programs in their own communities as well as abroad. Students and non-acupuncturist health professionals are also invited to attend. “Healing Community Trauma” strengthens the clinical, organizing and leadership skills that acupuncturists and other professionals need to establish disaster relief efforts and community service clinics for people affected by trauma.

  • It includes information on the following latest developments:
  • Progress on adoption of acupuncture in the VA, including a new 12-point protocol for trauma recovery
  • Updates on Battlefield Acupuncture use in the military
  • Recent case studies about acupuncturists working with the Medical Reserve Corps and other relief organizations to gain access during relief efforts
  • Most recent research studies about the efficacy of acupuncture for trauma recovery
  • Discussion of other acupuncture protocols effective for trauma

Also Includes:

  • Clinic Practicum based on an actual disaster scenario
  • How to set up a mobile field clinic in response to a disaster
  • How to establish a community service clinic for ongoing trauma relief
  • How to build strong, collaborative teams that work well together
  • How to work with the unique clinical needs of traumatized communities and individuals
  • How to recognize and manage acute traumatic stress
  • Understanding the neuro-biology of trauma
  • Understanding how acupuncture prevents/reduces the effects of trauma
  • HeartMath® techniques to help you stay calm even in the midst of chaos, and give your patients tools to support their healing process
  • Ethics and safety issues in disaster relief and community service
  • Qi gong instruction and practice for reducing stress

For more information and to register: http://www.acuwithoutborders.org/event/gainesville-fl-healing-community-trauma-how-to-do-acupuncture-in-the-field-for-traumatic-events/