The Six Extraordinary Fu with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee

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Besides the five zang and six fu which form the twelve viscera in charge of the organism, there is a series of six functions, called the Six Extraordinary Fu (Qi Heng Zhi Fu). They consist of the brain, bone marrow, bones, the vital circulations (Mai), the gallbladder and uterus. They resemble the zang organs because they carefully store the essence in different forms but they are called “fu”. Nevertheless they are among the most important and vital functions in the body. They work with the essences in a remarkable succession to produce and develop a being, then to maintain its life and finally to ensure its reproduction.

Each of these functions will be studied in itself and to reveal its connection to the group of the Six Extraordinary Fu.

A special study will be made of the Mai 脈, character which can be translated either as “vital circulations” or the qi that rises and infiltrates everywhere, allowing things to propagate and move. The vital circulations, the Mai, distribute blood in a regular rhythm to maintain life. The Mai represent all the pathways of blood and qi (xue qi 血氣): the meridians and the luo, as well as what fills the muscles, what spreads on the surface or deep inside.
The flow of life makes these traits visible in the form of blood animated by qi. Blood enables us to observe and assess this flow. “Pulses” are the places where the qualities of the blood pulsation can be perceived and give informations on the quality of the qi. We examine each of the various kinds of circulations : meridian or jing, connective circulations or luo, divergent circulations or jingbie, muscular circulations or jingjin. The generic name for the whole network of circulations and animation is : JING LUO MAI. For each group, we start with a general description, then examine the relationships with other parts of the Mai, and with the organs and functions, the blood and qi (xue qi) and the various expressions of qi. CEUs available for licensed FL practitioners. 15 PDAs available.

Academy students & faculty: $160
Alumni & non-Academy students: $200
Everyone else: $250

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