Corequisite courses are Western science courses that are a part of the Academy’s curriculum, but which students take at other accredited institutions and then transfer for credit. Students have the option of completing these courses concurrently with the Academy’s programs or taking them before they enroll at the Academy.

Corequisite courses are different from the prerequisite courses in that they do not have to be completed before enrollment. However, many students decide to complete at least some of the required corequisite courses before enrolling in order to focus more intensely on their studies while in school. Corequisite coursework completed prior to enrollment must be completed at a properly accredited community college or university. Online courses are acceptable, as long as the institution offering the course is properly accredited.

Students may also choose to complete the corequisite courses while enrolled in the acupuncture and Chinese herbal studies programs. The flexible intensive-based structure of our programs allows students to complete the required courses at home, often at their own pace, in between intensive sessions. These courses must also be completed at a properly accredited community college or university, and accredited online courses are acceptable. The Academy can provide a range of suggestions for students seeking to find high-quality corequisite courses that meet our requirements.

While either approach to completing these requirements is acceptable, we strongly recommend that students complete as many of these courses as possible before beginning the program.

Additionally, though corequisite courses are not considered to be part of the regularly scheduled intensive-based curriculum, the Academy does periodically offer certain corequisite courses. These courses are taught outside of the regular intensive sessions, and students who choose to enroll in them must be prepared to make additional trips to Gainesville if the scheduling of courses does not coincide with regular intensive sessions.

Corequisite Courses: Master of Acupuncture

Anatomy & Physiology II

(4 credits)

General Nutrition

(3 credits)

Biomedical Electives:

3 individual courses
(9 credits in total)*

*For a list of classes that satisfy this requirement, please see Table C in our Catalog or contact Admissions. 

Corequisite Courses: Chinese Herbal Studies


(3 credits)

Please note that the tuition cost of corequisite courses is not included in the Academy’s tuition fee for the Master of Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Studies programs. Costs for these courses will vary depending on the institution where the student chooses to take these courses, as well as how many courses the student must take. Please see Costs Additional to Tuition in the catalog or contact Admissions.