Donate to our new sign: are so excited to announce our newest project at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture and how you can be a part of it!

We have decided to replace the sign in front of the building with a beautiful new one, with parts that represent each of the five elements. Here’s where you come in: we are offering the sale of bricks to commemorate you as alumni. The bricks are $250 each and will create a lasting legacy for you as well as the school.

Besides buying one for yourself, you can also purchase a brick to honor someone. From an amazing teacher who influenced your practice to your family who supported you through your studies, you can buy a brick and inscribe it to honor those sentiments. You can even purchase one to reflect the name of your acupuncture practice and its location.

Regardless of whom or what you choose to honor, your brick will be a lasting part of Academy for Five Element Acupuncture and will be incorporated into a stunningly beautiful sign that represents who and what we are.

For more information please email us or call us at 352.335.2332. To purchase a brick, please click the graphic above to pay online, or you can call us any time to pay with a credit card over the phone.