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Charley Castex, spotlighted by The New York Times, HuffPost, ABC and NBC national news, will share hands on strategies for cultivating your innate Intuitive insights.

These are beneficial skills for the medical student as well as the layman so all are welcome.

Saturday 11:00 am- 1:00 pm
The Power and Practice of Intuition

This event is a hands on-interactive tutelage on all things intuitive, including a question and answer forum for guidance on your path of intuitive perception and reception.

Discover symbolic sight

  • Discern your dominant perceptual route
  • Learn to perceive and receive guide impressions
  • Gain facility by practicing the silver screen exercise
  • Learn how to distinguish guidance from mind chatter

A deeper dive into the intuitive arts with Charley

  • Energy containment exercises
  • Psychic Hygiene 101
  • Open question and answer

Registration: $20 for Academy students/ $25 for the general public

Or call 352.335.2332 to register.

Saturday 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm:
Living Sensitively in the 21st Century

Join us for a special afternoon of inspiring guidance. Charley shares insights on spiritual empowerment and achieving intuitive visionary clarity.  An audience questions and answer session is always included in Charley’s guidance event experience.

Registration: $20 for Academy students/ $25 for the general public

Or call 352.335.2332 to register.

About Charley Castex

Charley’s guidance is a unique composite of clairvoyance, spiritual insights, medium messages and medical intuition.
For over 22 years, Charley has paired his intuitive gift with his passion for spiritual teaching by presenting Guidance Events and inspired psychic readings spanning six continents. His down to earth, visionary guidance goes to the heart of the matter, helping to reveal opportunities in our lives. You can read more about Charley Castex on his website: https://www.charleycastex.com/