Windows of the Sky with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee

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This class will elucidate the meaning of the series of points known as Windows of the Sky (Tian You, Heavenly Windows), to give a better understanding of these remarkable points between the trunk and the head, to see what they have in common, and understand what symptoms are specific to each of them.

After a general introduction and a discussion about this series and its historical relevance, the explanation of the texts from the Lingshu and Jiayijing which were at the origin of the making of this group, this lecture will examine five points : Renying (St 9), Futu (LI 18), Tianyou (TH 16), Tianzhu (Bl 10), Tianfu (Lu 3).
We will explain each name, using the Chinese characters to reach a deeper understanding of the point’s function within the framework of the body. Blending the rich poetic quality of the point names with their practical application, we present an in-depth study of points from research into both the classical and modern literature. For each point, there will be a description from the medical texts, the classical use of the point names, its relationship with other points, therapeutic indications and common combinations given in the great classics.

CEUs available for licensed FL practitioners, 8 PDAs available.

Academy students & faculty: 95
Alumni & non Academy students: 110
Everyone else: 135

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