Male student in Chinese bulk herb dispensary

We are a teaching clinic offering exceptional care.

Our patients are cared for by a student practitioner in the final stages of training. They are caring, compassionate and highly committed to treating each person’s unique concerns at the level of body, mind and spirit. Guided by experienced faculty supervisors, your student practitioner will provide custom herbal formulas tailored to your individual health needs.

Special Offer for Current Acupuncture Patients

Diagnostic visit + two follow-up appointments for $60

Offer expires November 30, 2023. Appointments must be scheduled and paid before November 30.

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Want to Learn More about Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicines treat the underlying causes of illness rather than individual symptoms. While most over-the-counter herbal products can only address physical ailments with standardized, pre-formulated dosing, our student herbal practitioners are educated to design combinations of herbs customized for each individual. This focus on individualization puts the patient’s specific needs in the forefront.

Offer Details

This offer is extended to current acupuncture clinic patients who are not patients in our Chinese herbal clinic, or have not been seen in our Chinese herbal clinic for more than 12 months. Chinese herbal clinic is open Mondays from 11am-5:30pm. The package must be purchased by November 30, 2023. Appointment times are not exchangeable and services are not exchangeable due to the discounted rate. The cost of herbs is not included, and averages $15-$20 per week. 

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