Our herbal program is unique. I recently spoke with some future Academy students, and as we spoke about our program, I realized it warrants a blog as well.

As an Academy graduate myself, I attended a TCM school before I transferred. And while there were many good points about that school, there are two reasons that make our herbal program significantly different, and in my opinion, better.

1. You learn the singles and formulas concurrently, and as a whole. We learn by the category, and what the herbs do whether they are alone or with friends in a formula.

In other programs, you take Materia Medica only classes for two semesters and then you take classes focused on Formulas.
If you consider Thea Elijah’s quote of “Herbs are music in plant form” then taking just singles is like teaching all the different instruments, yet not listening to the whole orchestra play together. A tuba is a very different thing blended with a group than it is alone.

2. During the clinical year, you get unadulterated, additive-free “Herb Time”.

In my previous school experience, herbs and acupuncture were blended together, but this didn’t mean they got equal time or consideration when seeing patients and working in clinic. In the Academy’s program you are guaranteed to have time devoted just to the practice of seeing patients in an herbs-only clinic, and designing an herbal formula that is just right for the individual patient.