Would you like to be featured on our website as a Successful Graduate?

For the purpose of this endeavor, we are considering a “successful graduate” to be someone who:
• practices Five Element acupuncture the way they learned it at the Academy
• has a full-time practice that they built, and
• feels that they are successful in their practice

If you meet those criteria and are interested in having your profile (including a photo) to be featured on the Academy’s website, please:

  1. Verify that your practice information is correct in our Practitioner Referral Page. If not, submit an update form here.
  2. Fill out the Successful Graduate Questionnaire. There are seven questions in the questionnaire. Questions 1-5 will have brief responses. Questions 6-7 provide you with an opportunity to expand upon the most rewarding aspects of your practice and to convey essential tips to guide other AOM students and graduates in establishing successful practices. Thus, Questions 6 and 7 are the most important questions and we encourage you to think carefully about your responses and the potential value they may have to future and even current practitioners.
  3. Fill out a Release of Liability form and email it to us. Please include one or two high-resolution photos.