Melissa Maki, Class 27

Please describe your practice
Full-time integrative clinic with other healing modalities

Do you practice Five Element acupuncture? Do you also offer Chinese herbal medicine?
I offer both Five Element acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

What are the top three to five principle conditions you treat?
Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and Mood

What is the most rewarding aspect of your practice?
Watching this medicine work every day – it is really magical and to see the reaction of my clients is priceless! It’s rewarding to help people when western medicine hasn’t been able to.

What are the most essential tips for other graduates desiring to establish successful practices?
Be part of your community Be skilled in the back-end part of your business Hold your bar high Set a price that will still feel good 3-5 years from now – clients don’t like to keep seeing price raises Create a schedule that makes room for self-care.