This is a comprehensive presentation that will cover everything from the biomedical dynamics of breast cancer initiation and development to the chinese medicine treatments that can be enormously beneficial during and after medical treatment. It is designed to be comprehensible and beneficial to those with any level of knowledge of breast cancer. It is appropriate and valuable to those in any and all of the various traditions in Asian medicine (all styles of acupuncture, with or without herbal training).  The focus is to provide clarity to the topics that have the most practical relevance in providing care.

Early Registration: Saturday only $125 | Full weekend $215

After Nov. 20th: Saturday only $175 | Full weekend $265

*Special pricing for participants who have taken Amy Sear’s two day Comprehensive Breast Cancer Course and current Academy students. Please contact us directly at 352.335.2332 to register. 

14 CEUs available for Florida licensed acupuncturists

Day One — Saturday – Understanding

This course provides 5 hours of Biomedicine CEUs and 2 hours of General CEUs for FL license renewal. If you already have the 5 hours in Biomedicine the extra hours will roll into your General category.


  • The legal, ethical, malpractice and emotional considerations when working with Cancer patients
  • Cancer, with emphasis on the breast. What is it, what causes it, how does it proliferate
  • The different types
  • Day-to-day aspects of what a newly diagnosed patient experiences, literally as well as emotionally, and why this matters
  • Biopsy, diagnosis, imaging, pathology reports, genetics, grading, staging, nodal status, hormone status, prognosis, metastasis
  • Surgery, reconstruction
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Targeted therapies
  • New methods to try and avoid the loss of hair during certain chemotherapies
  • Clarity to those things that most people have heard of, such as estrogen receptor status and genetics, but don’t adequately know the relevance or practical considerations of
  • Integration… the macro: big picture integration with the western medical Oncology
  • Communication with the patient and with other clinicians
  • Patients involved in clinical studies

Day Two — Sunday – Treating

7 hours General CEUs. Pre-requisite is attendance at Saturday’s course.


  • The most common problems that patients with breast cancer complain of and seek assistance for after surgery and/or reconstruction, during chemotherapy, during radiation, long after treatment is over,
  • Successful and most well recognized methods to treat the Breast Cancer patient, at any time in their journey
  • Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage, Cupping, Lamps, Gua Sha, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Diet, Whole Food Nutritional Products
  • Numerous straight forward pre-made (patent) herbal formulas, for use at various stages in this journey
  • Simple, and intermediate, natural/functional medicine strategies
  • What not to do during various of these times and situations
  • Tips on what and how to gather information, especially on first visit
  • Denial, its significance and treading its waters
  • Family Dynamics
  • End of Life Aspects
  • Hospice, Palliative Care
  • Integration… the Micro: the more personal: being a conduit to help the patient re-integrate their life and spirit
  • Communication, and its role in a positive outcome
  • Referral

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