Medical Qigong & Mindfulness for Mental Health

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Dr. K.A. Shakoor, DAOM
Medical Qigong is a powerful practice for improving your mental health. Deep relaxation, breathing techniques and mindfulness are natural aids to address physical limitations, mental frustrations, and stress. Medical Qigong can increase mobility and coordination, enhance fluidity of movement, balance, and relaxation. These lessons are congruent with the teachings of Asian medical philosophies, as well as in western medical modalities. These strategies are very effective and easily retainable.

  • Explanation of Integrative Energetic Exercises
  • Review of Asian Theories of Health (Focus on T.C.M. Five Element, Sowa Rigba and Ayurveda)
  • Qi Stretching and Breathing
  • Seven-Palm Medical Qi Gong
  • Energy Set I: Forms One, Two and Three
  • Hsing-I Animal Qi Gong Forms
  • Seven-Movement Pwa-Kwa Form
  • Tai Qi Chuan Short Form
  • Cobra Breathing
  • Five-and Seven-Point Medical Qi Gong Review
  • Question and Answer

You can read more about Dr. Shakoor on his website.

Early registration prices end on June 1:
Students $200
Faculty $220
General Public $240

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