Master of Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Master of Acupuncture (dual enrollment)

Chinese Herbal Medicine (only)

Tuition $57,482 $74,734 $17,252
 Registration Fee (with application) $150 $150 $150

Tuition reflects the cost for the programs in their entirety. These are not yearly tuition costs.

The one time registration fee of $150 must accompany your application and is non-refundable.

A seat deposit of $350 is due upon acceptance of the signed Enrollment Agreement from the Academy. This fee is 100% fully refundable prior to the beginning of the program. Once the program begins, the seat deposit is considered as tuition and refunded on a prorated basis according to the refund policy below.

Tuition charges are reviewed annually. Tuition may be adjusted upwards after the first year of enrollment to reflect increases in cost-of-living or program requirements (maximum 3%).

Costs Additional to Tuition

The Academy does not have on-campus housing. Students are responsible for making their own living and travel arrangements. They must pay their own personal expenses directly.

For the first two years of the program, during the intensive sessions, students who do not live locally must arrange short-term housing accommodations for themselves. The Academy can suggest options for short-term housing to enrolled students upon request, but it is the students’ responsibility to make their own arrangements.

The clinical internship beginning in the third year is residential and requires longer-term housing. Housing expenses can vary widely depending on the size and location of the housing desired and the time of year. Many students choose to share the cost of housing with classmates.

Travel and transportation costs related to attending classes depend on the distance of the student’s home residence in relation to Gainesville, Florida. Those students who must fly to Gainesville will incur greater travelling expenses than those who are within driving distance. The Academy is located very close to Gainesville Regional Airport, and is within easy travelling distance to two major airports: Orlando International Airport and Jacksonville International Airport.

Students purchase the majority of their required books for the program during the first intensive session. These books comprise the majority of texts required for the entire program (additional texts may be added as necessary). Students may purchase their books through the Academy bookstore where student book packages are available at discounted rates. Books for the Acupuncture program are considered a separate expense from the books required by the Chinese Herbal Studies program.

Some course credits have to be earned at institutions outside of the Academy. Please see the Corequisite Course page for specific details on these courses.

The cost of obtaining these corequisite courses is not included in tuition, and will vary depending on the student’s prior training and the tuition costs at the institution(s) chosen for these courses.

A selection of corequisite courses is offered each year at the Academy. These courses are generally less expensive than those found at outside colleges and universities. Students receive advance notice of the corequisite course schedule so that travel and financial payment may be budgeted as early as possible.

Students must complete a number of hours observing licensed Five Element practitioners in practice. Some practitioners charge a fee for this service, but most do not. Fees for clinical observation outside of the Academy are set by the practitioner. There is no charge for clinical observation at the Academy’s clinic.

Students are required to work with an approved practitioner to complete a number of hours of independent point location practice. As with observation hours, point location hours are independently arranged between students and practitioners. Most practitioners charge an hourly fee but some do not. The fee for a point location session is typically shared by a group of students so that the cost per participant is minimal.

Students are required to receive a specified number of Five Element acupuncture treatments while in school. Fees for these treatments will vary by independent practitioner and are arranged between the student and the practitioner. The Academy’s clinic offers a student rate for treatment.

More Information

Please see the Costs Additional to Tuition in the catalog for a list of estimated expenses in addition to tuition and other fees that might apply.

Students may choose to participate in special workshops, courses or advanced training programs organized by the Academy. These are offered in addition to regularly scheduled classes. Fees and expenses for these programs are the responsibility of the student.

All monies, including the seat deposit, will be refunded to applicants who cancel the Enrollment Agreement within three working days from the student’s signing the Enrollment Agreement. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Students who withdraw (or who are terminated) after beginning the program up to completion of 40% of the program shall receive a prorated refund based upon the number of credit hours completed to the number of total program credit hours and the amount of monies already paid.

No tuition refunds will be granted after completion of more than 40% of the total program.

Refunds are made directly to the students within 30 days after written notification of withdrawal or termination is received by the Academy. Cancellation by the student should be in writing by email, certified mail or in person. The official date of withdrawal from the program is the last date of attendance unless the school receives written notification indicating earlier withdrawal from the program.

Payment Options

Several options for paying tuition are available. Students may be eligible for federal financial aid. For more information, please contact the financial aid office at 352.335.2332, or consult the current catalog.