Academy General Information

Five Element Acupuncture: Focuses on the balance and interplay of the Five Elements, emphasizing emotional, spiritual health, and mental health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Centers around the concepts of Yin-Yang, Qi, and Zang-Fu organs, using a broader array of diagnostic tools and treatment modalities.

Both systems aim to restore balance and promote health but do so through different theoretical frameworks and methodologies.

Yes, the Academy’s clinic is located on our campus. We do not offer any external clinics or external internships.


Please check out our student experience page. If you would like to chat with one of our current students or alumni please reach out to our Admissions Coordinator.

No, the Academy does not offer any programs at these levels.

No, the Academy does not offer online courses at this time.

No, the Academy does not currently offer a Doctoral program.

Applying to Our School

Please refer to our catalog or website for the most current pricing.

Yes, we offer financial aid. Please refer to our catalog and the section on financial aid section.

Absolutely!  Our Admissions Coordinator would be happy to schedule your visit.  You can simply email us for an appointment or call 352.335.2332 ext. 12

Students applying must have at least 90 credits to enroll in the Masters of Acupuncture program. There are 3 prerequisite courses that the student must complete prior to starting the program. Please refer to page 47 of our catalog.

Probably. When your file is complete, a transcript evaluation will be performed to determine which courses may be applicable.

As long as you meet the minimum entrance requirements, your field of study or educational background do not matter.

The speed of the process depends on how quickly you and your references submit the required documents to complete the admissions process. The documents may be submitted altogether or one at a time.

When you’re application is completed and all documents received, you will be contacted to have an interview with one of our Admissions Committee members. After your interview the Admissions Committee performs a final review of the admissions documents. This process could take a couple of weeks.

You will be notified by email with a letter of acceptance or declination.