After two months of pleasant warmth in North Florida, someone seems to have finally flipped the switch to turn on the summer heat. The hot season has begun! As we move into the ‘unofficial’ start of summer, many of us at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture are taking the cue and either heading to the beach or spending the long weekend working in our gardens.

The repose is a welcome one for all of us, especially our acupuncture and herbal interns who have been working steadily in class and with their patients. Class 28 just finished their 6th and final intensive last week and have headed home to begin preparations for the next phase of their training. When they return in August, they return as the new intern class.

And so, in the honor of the approaching summer, I invite you to spend a little time out in nature to see how the spring is rapidly transitioning into the glory of summer. I leave you with the words and images of Paul Laurence Dunbar:

Summer in the South

The oriole sings in the greening grove

As if he were half-way waiting,

The rosebuds peep from their hoods of green,

Timid and hesitating.

The rain comes down in a torrent sweep

And the nights smell warm and piney,

The garden thrives, but the tender shoots

Are yellow-green and tiny.

Then a flash of sun on a waiting hill,

Streams laugh that erst were quiet,

The sky smiles down with a dazzling blue

And the woods run mad with riot.