Do you want to help transform the world, one person at a time?

Healthcare in the U.S. is in transition. People around the country are opening to the potential of holistic health, and acupuncture is becoming more of a mainstream healthcare option. The field is growing. You can be an agent of change!

What kind of person thrives in an acupuncture career?

The field attracts diverse kinds of people—some are choosing their first profession, and others are changing careers or looking to advance themselves.

It’s a great fit for people who:

  • Are independent thinkers
  • Have a passion for alternative medicine
  • Love to learn
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Enjoy setting their own schedule
  • Care genuinely about the well-being of others
  • Are willing to discover more about themselves

Every individual brings a unique set of skills to the business and practice of acupuncture. Your practice will be a reflection of you.

As an acupuncturist, you can expect to wear many hats. Much of your day will be spent one-on-one with patients. You will call upon your compassion, listening to each person’s needs with your mind and heart, and designing treatment plans using your intellect, creativity, and intuition.

Most acupuncturists are also responsible for other aspects of their practice, from marketing to ordering supplies to keeping patient records. You do not have to know how to do all of this when you start. The Academy provides a solid grounding in these clinical and practical skills. And as a graduate of the Academy, you will join a small, dedicated family of practitioners who are happy to help you grow and succeed.

Whether you work in a solo practice or join up with other practitioners, you will have the freedom to choose the work life you want. You can develop a specialty, decide how your clinic will look and feel, and work as much or as little as your life demands. Some practitioners like to build a busy practice that actively engages with the community. Others prefer a slower pace with fewer days, to balance out the responsibilities of family life. The career of acupuncture is versatile.

Every day brings a new challenge, and you will constantly be rewarded with the satisfaction of helping others. You will be part of a centuries-old tradition, one that has so much to offer us today.