The Curriculum

The Academy is one of the few accredited acupuncture schools in the country with a dedicated Five Element-based curriculum that also supports the integration of a Chinese Herbal Studies curriculum based in the Eight Principles. When both programs are taken together, graduates are eligible to sit for all four of the NCCAOM national examinations. Our graduates have gone on to become licensed in states all across the country, including Alaska, New Mexico and New York, as well as Florida. Due to the rigors of our Five Element, intensive-based program and learning process, we seek compassionate individuals who can demonstrate that they have the necessary maturity, commitment, discipline and motivation.

The Student Experience

The unique, intensive-based format of our Master of Acupuncture and Certificate in Chinese Herbal Studies programs provides an immersive learning experience that will teach you the foundational skills of the Five Element tradition. The flexibility of the format allows students from different states to come and study with our experienced faculty. The student body is made up of individuals with a wide-range of professional backgrounds and experience levels, including writers, sales professionals, teachers, engineers, massage therapists, nurses and other Western medical practitioners.

Our Promise

We are committed to remaining a small school so that we can stay aligned with the simplicity of Five Element theory and give the personal attention to students that is fundamental to learning Five Element acupuncture. As such, we are interested in individuals with a deep desire to help others, and who will become caring, competent and knowledgeable practitioners.

More Information

Our Admissions Counselor is happy to speak with you about our programs, as well as your goals. For specific information, please review the website and feel free to call, write or email us with your questions. We welcome your inquiries. We also highly recommend that you call to schedule a visit to our school or to an Open House. This will give you the opportunity to meet our staff, students and faculty, and further familiarize yourself with our curriculum.