As the Admissions Coordinator, I answer a lot of questions from prospective students. A lot of questions. And I love answering every single one, because, essentially, all of those specific questions take root in one simple query: How do I make the dream of becoming an acupuncture practitioner a reality?

Deciding to study Chinese Medicine is a complex, and sometimes arduous, process. The excitement I hear in every student’s voice is also combined with a little bit of confusion and fear – which seems to stem from having to wade through the massive amount of information available online and the uncertainty in taking such a big step in the first place. Between figuring out the practical logistics of a program (length of study, entrance requirements, financial aid, NCCAOM pass rates, oh my!) and the qualitative aspects of specific traditions and student life, gathering information starts to feel like learning a new language. And rightly so: you ARE learning a new language.

However, the admissions process is designed to be illuminating. It’s my job to explain what we offer in specific terms. I’m not out to woo you with flashy statistics and canned rhetoric, or to pressure you. My goal is to take a little of the mystery out of the process and paint you a picture of what it’s like to be a student of Chinese Medicine here at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. Then it’s up to YOU to decide if what we teach and how we teach it resonates and suits your desires and learning style.

One of the most valuable recommendations I can make is visiting the schools that you are thinking of attending. The energy and atmosphere created by the administration, faculty, and student body is an important factor in deciding whether or not a program fits you. Can you see yourself studying and treating in that space? Do your goals match those of the people you are meeting? I invite you to join us for our upcoming Open House on Saturday June 25th at 10:00am, or to make an appointment to visit for another day. Come experience the community here at the Academy for yourself. And please, bring the rest of your questions with you! I look forward to answering them.