Assembling granular formulas

Are you a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, but don’t want the hassle of your own dispensary? Use ours!

The Academy has extensive granular and bulk herb dispensaries and we can fill custom formulas for all licensed acupuncturists. We ship directly to the patients, saving you and your patients money. Unlike other custom pharmacies, Academy for Five Element Acupuncture’s custom formula dispensary does not charge an additional fee to fill outside prescriptions.

Safety Standards and Procedures

  • Raw herb formulas are always combined with cleanliness, care and accuracy.
  • Granulated extract formulas are meticulously combined in a separate room specifically designed to maintain clean conditions.
  • All formulas include a printed, GMP-compliant label including all ingredients, dosage, and allergy warnings.


  • Email our simple form for online ordering. We are always happy to speak with you personally but all prescriptions must have a formula form to be filled. We cannot take orders over the phone.
  • We are PCI and HIPAA compliant.
  • We offer fast and convenient pick up for local practitioners and their patients.
  • Prompt, flat-rate delivery to practitioners or patients by USPS locally or anywhere in the country.

For your convenience, after filling out our simple order form you can order by:

  • Fax: 352.337.2535
  • Email:


  • Granulated Extract Formulas: Billed to Patient: $.14 cents per gram (Exceptions for expensive herbs)
  • Encapsulation: $10 charge for 100 veggie caps
  • Raw Herb Formulas: $.08 per gram (Exceptions for expensive herbs). No extra charge for grinding.
  • Simply fill out our custom formula form for granule herbs! If you would prefer raw/bulk herbs, please contact us for a fillable form.

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