Day One

Adaptogens: Modern Biomedical Understanding of Ancient Herbs

3 hrs Biomedicine
Adaptogens are a wonderful and useful collection of herbs. Whether you are a sophisticated herbalist that uses complex or customized formulas, or someone that primarily uses simple and pre made herbal formulas, you need to know about Adaptogens.

Many of them stem from TCM herbal practice, and several key ones do not. But all of them are extensively researched and well classified in terms of their biomedical actions in the body. They serve important roles in the modern health care setting.

This course will provide a great foundation for understanding them and enhancing your use of them. In addition to their relationship in TCM, they will be categorized and explained in relation to the Biomedical Actions they have in the body


  • Know what is meant by “Adaptogens”
  • Know what biomedical affects they provide
  • Know which herbs are classified as Adaptogens
  • Know when to use them
  • Know where to get more information

A Practical Presentation of FL Laws and Rules

2 hrs FL Laws & Rules

Every renewal cycle, Amy designs a new course – fulfilling the requirement for 2 hours on FL Laws and Rules for the Acupuncture profession. Each time she provides an explanation of everything that is new since the last renewal, as well as the potential upcoming future changes. She also picks specific topics, within all of the many Laws and Rules, and focuses on them – with simplicity, clarity and a definite practical emphasis.

This year she will provide focus on these topics:

  • what is new since last renewal
  • potential future changes
  • what things you can, and can’t, have staff do in your office
  • independent contractor considerations: legal ones, illegal ones, taxes, patient medical records, etc
  • information of value to both/either sides of this relationship
  • tips and practical advice on what to do and how to handle a discipline complaint or charge against you

Increasing Safety, Decreasing Risk

2 hrs Medical Errors
This new and updated course has been specifically designed to be interesting and provide usable information – directly related to Oriental Medical practice. It is laid out in a very practical way and provides a step by step approach. It differs from most courses in this topic in that its focus is true life scenarios – of things that are actually occurring around the country – how we can learn from them, and easy things to do to prevent them. Most are easily prevented and dozens of simple and practical tips are provided in the course.

Besides just safety, this course covers risk management, and will specifically help the attendee lower the likelihood of practice related claims against them.

Day Two

Ethics in OM Practice

4 hrs General& Ethics
This course has been specifically designed for clinicians of Oriental Medicine, and is intended to be illuminating and thought provoking.

The opening segment of the class is “What exactly is Ethics?”, “Why?”, and includes the history and root of Ethics in medical practice.

There is a straight forward focus on all the foundation and key considerations that will help the attendee much more easily determine the Ethical way of running their practice and handling day to day situations. Specific Codes of Ethics within the medical world, the Hippocratic Oath, the AMA, the NCCAOM, and FSOMA, etc. are included and used to identify general and key themes and principles. These provide excellent foundational aspects that can be used to increase Ethics in one’s practice, and also to figure out how to handle a wide variety of situations one might face in practice.

The second segment will cover aspects more specific to the professional practice of Oriental Medical – actual Ethical violations that have occurred, and Ethical issues and situations that could occur in Oriental Medical practice, and barriers to reporting ethical violations one knows of.

Spread throughout will be learning points from actual Ethical violations that have occurred around the country.

Inflammation and Herbal Strategies for Reducing It

3 hrs Biomedicine

In¬flammation is an important Biomedical topic in Natural Medicine, particularly in patients dealing chronic, and perhaps persistent disease. Hidden and often without symptoms, “Silent” Inflammation is widespread and is something OM clinicians can play a significant role in taming. You will learn what is Inflammation, why it is so important to know, and its more frequent causes. Specific clinical approaches, herbal and lifestyle are provided. Lastly, several resources of where to get more information is provided.

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