VPF_8651Master WenWei Ou is renowned as a Master Chinese calligrapher, an author, poet, and Qi Gong Master. He is the originator of Pangu Shengong (PGSG) and currently serves as the President of the PGSG International Research Institute.

Master Ou is a recognized world leader in medical Qi Gong and has received several prestigious international awards, including being awarded Qigong Master of the Year at the 4th World Qi Gong Congress in 2001; and Pangu Shengong being recognized as one of the outstanding qigong forms at the Fifth International Qi Gong Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006.

After intensively studying ancient Chinese methods of preserving health, Master Ou created PGSG to enable practitioners to absorb the life force of the universe and to temper and improve their own life force and immune system. PGSG is based on the physiology of the human body and the miraculous relationship between man and nature. PGSG has successively assisted many individuals with ailments such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, apoplexy, lupus, and other conditions. Please visit pangu.org for additional information and to review testimonials.

In addition to being a recognized leader and master of medical qigong, he is recognized throughout Asia as a gifted master of Chinese calligraphy. His work can be appreciated for both artistic beauty and energetic expression. The calligraphy of Master Ou allows the viewer to experience the energy of love and kindness as it is expressed in the harmonious relationship between heaven, earth and humanity

[framed_box width=”0″ height=”0″ bgColor=”#c0c0c0″ textColor=”#000000″ rounded=”false”]Master Ou has asked two of his senior Pangu Shengong students to accompany him to Gainesville. These students, Anisha Desai Fraser and Vincent Chu, will be teaching Pangu Yoga and Pangu Tai Chi, respectively. Master Ou developed these courses with them in order to combine the energy cultivation and healing benefits of Pangu Shengong with both Yoga and Tai Chi to bring unique benefits to the practitioners of these ancient arts.[/framed_box]

Qigong is one of the oldest continuously practiced healing systems in the world and is very effective at restoring health. This tradition is based on the cyclical flow of vital energy. The Chinese call this energy Qi, and map its flow through our bodies along pathways called meridians.

When our Qi is full and flowing, we experience health. If Qi is congested or out-of-balance, then illness and pain can occur. Qi Gong is a unique system of energy cultivation incorporating matter and spiritual characteristics to achieve an innate balance of energy. Dynamic qigong exercises strengthen the muscles, bones, and joints; and enhance our internal physiological functions. Static qigong exercises calms the mind & enhances the functionality of nervous system.

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