Catherine Hollingsworth, Class 29 Red Sage Acupuncture Charlotte, North Carolina.

Catherine Hollingsworth, Class 29

Please describe your practice.
Full-time solo practice. I have no specialization and see teens and adults from all backgrounds.

Do you practice Five Element acupuncture? Do you also offer Chinese herbal medicine?
I offer both Five Element acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

What are the top three to five principle conditions you treat?
Chronic pain, sports injuries, anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your practice?
I love to be a witness to the body’s innate healing wisdom, and a student of nature’s dynamics. As I work with patients every day I get to see patterns, shifts and transformations that seem miraculous. I learn from every patient I treat and this is awe-inspiring and satisfying. I am a lifelong student at heart and look forward to every day I work. For me it is important to feel a greater purpose in any type of work I do and I feel so happy to have found something that suits me so well, that I love, and that helps so many people in the process. I am not just emptying my cup so others can be filled. I feel each treatment is an exploration for both the patient and me.

What are the most essential tips for other graduates desiring to establish successful practices?
I think it is so important at the beginning to be willing to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to be really rigorous with yourself. At times challenges can come up, and force growth. These challenges are gifts if you don’t give up but instead rise to the occasion and figure out what you need to do to be a better practitioner, get results more quickly, communicate better, or have a more successful business structure. And while it helps to seek advice, eventually you are the only person who can find an authetic solution for yourself and your practice. You are one of a kind! And second, a lesson I learned through experience is that you will get what you are asking for. So if you want to grow you must have clear intention for growth, to be busy, to have success. If you are thinking (or saying out loud) “I am so tired,” you can be sure you will find yourself with time to rest. Patients will cancel out of the blue and your calendar will be empty. And when you truly show through thoughts, words and actions that you want your clinic to be busy, it will be. And finally, self care is important. I am not fanatical about self care but I do stay aware of what I need to be happy and healthy, while still enjoying life!

Since this blog post was published, Catherine moved her practice from Miami to Charlotte, North Carolina. However, she continues to hold pop-up events in Miami. Her pop-up schedule can be found via the Red Sage Acupuncture Instagram or by contacting her at her website.