Tia Sims, Class 32

Tia Sims is a licensed acupuncturist in Hawaii and has been in practice since moving to the Big Island in 2018. She works three full days a week in her private practice and once a week at The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, offering group acupuncture for those in the program. Tia also provides acupuncture services at Kohanaiki, a private club and community in Kona. Tia primarily practices Five Element Acupuncture and specializes in emotional and spiritual balance. Tia also incorporates the use of other resonance medicines including Craniosacral Therapy, Plant Spirit Healing, flower essences, and tuning forks.

Aside from her rewarding acupuncture career, Tia’s passion is her family; a loving husband and two precious girls ages 2 and 4. When not practicing acupuncture or spending time with her family, Tia enjoys meditation, yoga, pilates, art, nature, piano, and african drum and dance.

Please visit tiasims.com